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Introducing Brain Gym and More- Retrouver mobilité, confiance en soi, et mémoire.

Diversicare Canada introduces Brain Gym® And More

Brain Gym® And More is an innovative program that supports the current brain research about the brains plasticity. Residents that participate in this program may find that it reduces or slows down neuro-degenerative disease. This program has been designed for Diversicare and had included other modalities such as Trager®, Stress Management, Bal-A-Vis-X®, Play Therapy, Recreational Therapy and more.

Brain Gym® And More allows older adults to have an increasing sense of control and independence over their lives. Research studies have found that using Brain Gym® and other sensory modalities slows down or reverses some of the symptoms of aging such as lack of concentration, poor recall, limited thinking patterns and seeming inability to learn new material.

Diversicares recreation staff has been trained by Paul Hyman, a professional licensed instructor of Brain Gym® and other therapeutic modalities. This innovative program has been implemented into Diversicare's Activity Programs.

Diversicare is the only company to offer this innovative multi-sensory brain stimulation program to enhance the quality of life for their residents. For more information or to receive a complimentary video on this program go to our website at

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